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BSI X NFA – Being



Reimagining the Office for ‘The Creative Worker’

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Enabling variety
for a 
sustainable future.



No Fixed Address Inc. 

The deliverable was a spatial product and management system (SMS) that embraces technology, breathing new life into existing environments and experiences. We consider the future of work consisting of smart and sustainable measures to help companies move to net zero with the applied solution.


May 2023

7 Day Sprint



UX Writing

Team of 13

The Problem Space

Today, a valuable reason is needed for in-person work interaction. Your manager wanting you there isn't quite enough. Organizations have overlooked and changed dynamics without worker outputs. 

My Role

As the UX and UI designer, I focused on ideation, following the App prototype deliverables. During the pitch, I was responsible for demonstrating the design to 10+ stakeholders across multidisciplinary fields.


A range of modular and space-conscious products that increase a creative’s well being, maximizes productivity and optimizes real-estate investments.

The UX Design Process


- Synthesis & Sorting

- Define


- Product Features

- Hi–fi Prototypes


- AI integration

- App Design

The team familiarized the design brief to go through the initial ideation stages of the project. To start, we brainstormed with task mapping to understand the balance between an organization and its employees needs.



Work culture.

The shift in work culture required an understanding of the creative worker across the following approaches created by BSI:

Creative Culture System 


Corporate Organization


Employee Needs & Behaviors


Identifying and developing new possible futures for the creative workplace

Our design objectives were to improve the possible ways in bringing technology and spatial products to any space envelope.

Prioritization Mapping: Impact & effort tool

The team funnelled 10 ideas with an effort vs. impact matrix and task prioritization matrix.

This mostly examined the need for physical infrastructure and environments to evolve alongside new workplace practices. Enabling a broader customer-centric conversation over the "creative worker".

Currently, there are great solutions for personal workspaces for an office, however they have a set of challenges of their own. The designs are fixed with rigid, high effort installation, and work centric modes.  



Aiming to see the constraints as opportunities, we set out to rework the modular system approach to enable variety



Connect with a modular productivity Pod System

Design focused on all elements of a space envelope: floor, walls and ceilings for any number of people and activities at NFA's office.




We created a variety of components to ensure users are able to create a unique pod by building on existing energy tower, material shades, and mounting system designs. Below is an in-depth breakdown on all the components and how we landed on the final designs & features.


The Components

Our system varies with user needs, therefore the components that make up our flexible design are all attachable and detachable to make every space creatively unique. 

Enabling variety +

PODs are composed of circular or rectangular panels, modular tables, a technology body, and ceiling-dropped lighting.

Frame 22.png

The Body

The body is an energy efficient mounting system that provides power and internet connectivity to all other components with an internal battery bank for mobility.

In 3 sizes, we are able to have energy in different locations with fixed height. 

Proprietary mounting system that provides power and connectivity (camera lens mounting system)

Recycled, aluminum build

Sensor capabilities (sound, temp, proximity)

Transponder technology 

Pulse connectivity 

Wi-Fi mesh, 6G, GPS, BT capable 

Multiple ports (Power USB-C ethernet HDMI) 

Magnetic side for component attachments

Internal Battery Bank


Using a magnetic attachment and an interlocking twist mechanism. 

This helps tailor attachment interests and preferences outside the body to give a personalized feel. 


Release Button

The Body

Use Case

Re-orienting the body horizontally also brings new opportunities for workspaces such as projecting work slides or having an additional monitor at home with the appropriate attachments.

Large Screen Setup with short throw projection

The Arms

The Arms create desirable shapes for user’s needing a whiteboard, privacy, or an enclosed space.

The Body + Feet + Arms

Rollable Screen

- Whiteboard

- Projector Screen

- Privacy Screen

Foldable Screen

- Rigid Structure

- Material Inserts

Setting up quick and easy.

Attaching additional shades allow for easy spontaneous rearrangement — adding, moving and retracting.

Multi-Shade Arrangement

The Seat + Feet

The seat is a portable and multi-use container to stack or take outside. The feet has attachable automation to encourage users to interact with our digital twin prototype.  

It is IoT integrated as a smart grid product to use around the city and self-synchronize at the office. 

Multi-Use Arrangement

- Seat, Chair, Stool

- Side Table, Bar Table

- Storage Container

- Stackable

- Portable 

- Magnetic mounts

- Automated Roving 

- IoT integration

- Self storing 

- Drone like synchronization

- Stackable

Continuous adaption of a space to the needs of the user and circular economy

Create a table with add-on features with ease or use a joint to enclose an area and provide your choice of lighting with The Hat for maximum flexibility.

The Being System-The Hat Umbrella.png

The Round Table

Rigid Structure




We invited everyone’s feedback for how they envisioned the POD. Then we implemented as many as possible. To ensure a long-standing design, I created an app to showcase the possible variety AI can create for all users.  

Implemented automation to remove 'mismatches'

Advanced battery tech integrated into the system allows for ultra portability.

The Being System-Automation-Bot.png

Proprietary Being mount system provides 2-way power distribution and connectivity

CPU AI tech

Battery Disc Tech (Aluma Power)

Sensor Strips

- Sphere wheel tech

The Being + Automation

Use Case

Power a fully equipped work station outside of the office or create an outdoor event for your team.

Take your “War Room” with you straight into the Battlefield

The Being is not only built to last, but to evolve with our implementation of prioritizing shifts from work-home to on-the-go.

The Being System-Shell-Pod.png

The Body + The Shell + Automation


The Being App

Be Playful
Be Productive

Be Collaborative

The Being App I created strives to reduce mental load and offer an AI-generated space based on user needs

With collected data on work operating models such as Co-working, The Being app determines optimized spaces and welcomes feedback for HCI and UXR. 

Instead of requiring user decision making for each Being component explored in the initial prototype:

The wire flow is focused on the value of a worker’s daily activities

To focus on the way our target audience will interact with the product, the wire flow was attached to a specific persona's daily activity:

Having more than just one POD space for yourself encourages ergonomic flexibility and a change of scenery

We created a variety of mock-ups of what the Being App can design to include:


Unwound POD View


Embedded Results


The Being App prototype


041123_FoW_Charrette_Deck_WIP (3).pptx (dragged).png

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