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Conditional Design Review

As a manifesto for artists and designers, Conditional Design’s process, logic, and input system highlight key factors of collaboration and unpredictable outcomes in the design process.


Design for Disassembly

The new aesthetic for product design suggests a shift from limiting the term to visual queues, rather mention the products sustainable and environmental elements.


The Postmodern Paradigm Shift

From Modernism simplicity to Postmodernism ornamental conformity: the changes, developments, and tendencies based on technological developments. 

Mainstream culture communicates design on a global basis that suggests according to Katerine McCoy, “global consumer monoculture”. 

The notion of altering the mainstream to anti-design/counter-design has allowed designers to appeal to reason and deny the market researchers vested interests.

The cognitive challenge of learning good and poor design with a wide range of mediums and media approaches deliver 'human-centered’ design.

Theory of omitting the unimportant suggests good design satisfies both idea and form. Without purpose, you are deceiving consumers.  On Designers Dieter Rams and Eva Zeisel opposing views.

Consumerism demands a focus on design. Whether the design approach appeals to pathos or ethos. catering to consumers attention better, promotes the cycle of consumerism.

What inspired mobile-ordering/what is it based on?What can we learn from this particular service? What are the potential design implications and opportunities?

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